trak | bloc

Maintenance-free monobloc traction batteries

The compact design is ideal for all applications with limited available space. HOPPECKE trak | bloc batteries are used specifically in cleaning machines, electrical wheelchairs, electric caddies, boats and caravans. Thanks to the use of the HOPPECKE AGM technology, which received the Innovation Award 2000, the HOPPECKE trak | bloc system offers a high level of reliability combined with long life expectancy.

Your benefit
Typical applications
    • No water refilling during the entire battery life
    • Up to 20% more capacity than similar battery systems with the same volume
    • Suitable for extreme conditions of use, particularly in electric vehicles, electric wheelchairs and cleaning machines
    • More range for vehicles with high power consumption
    • Compatible with almost all vehicles on the market
    • Flexible battery design (horizontal position)
    • Cleaning machines
    • Wheelchairs
    • Golf carts and electric caddies
    • Platform access
    • Boats, caravans and leisure activities