Environmental protection from the outset

Sustainability starts for us already with the product development. Our products and services also contribute to a great extent to the achievement of the climate change objectives.

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Thinking global & green

The HOPPECKE return and recycling system for lead-acid batteries constitutes a substantial contribution to the protection of our natural resources. In Germany, we have been operating our own company smelter for more than 55 years. This ultra-modern state-of-the-art facility is expanded continuously. In the US, we partner with recyclers that meet and exceed all standards set by the EPA and local authorities. Furthermore, we participate actively in the definition of recycling directives and standards. However, HOPPECKE not only works to set recycling standards, we build sustainability into our product development. Our products and services also contribute to the achievement of the global climate change objectives.

We actively help shape the turnaround in energy policy!

  • Environmentally Friendly Product Development
    Our products are specifically developed in a way that they can be used reliably, for a long period of time and then easily recycled.
  • Energy-Efficient Products and service solutions
    The goal of our products has always been to reduce energy demand.
  • Waste Prevention and Recovery 
    Waste materials are recycled almost completely. The primary goal of HOPPECKE is, however, the prevention of waste of all kinds.
  • Recovery and Recycling
    Of used batteries in our own waste management company and in partnership with certified recyclers.

Excerpt from the HOPPECKE company principles, which apply since 1987.

Our Offer for You

  • Advice
    We are there for you and provide advice on the appropriate dismantling and temporary storage of used batteries.
  • Planning and Collection
    We organize the collection of used batteries directly at your premises, regardless of the manufacturer and design, and ensure that all handling, transport and disposal regulations are observed.
  • Proper Detection Method
    You have absolute certainty that your lead batteries are treated and disposed of, properly.
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We feel responsible for

  • Company
  • Market
  • People
  • Society
  • The Future 
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