HOPPECKE presents its new trak highlights. Take advantage of our innovations.

trak | SYSTEMIZER® Xpress - view details

trak | SYSTEMIZER® Xpress

Traction energy systems with electrolyte circulation

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trak | SYSTEMIZER® HF Premium - view details

trak | SYSTEMIZER® HF Premium

High-Frequency chargers - efficient and smart

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trak | collect - view details

trak | collect

Measurement, evaluation and communication unit for lead-acid traction batteries

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trak | powerpack liOn - view details

trak | powerpack liOn

Lithium-ion retrofit solution especially for industrial logistical applications

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trak | powerpack - view details

trak | powerpack

The unique battery system for electric pallet trucks

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trak | fnc - view details

trak | fnc

Traction energy systems for continuous operation

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trak | basic - view details

trak | basic

Traction energy system with excellent price-performance ratio

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trak | aquacheck - view details

trak | aquacheck

Electronic electrolyte level indicator for trak | battery systems

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trak | bloc - view details

trak | bloc

The new generation of monobloc batteries for traction and cycling applications

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trak | com IP - view details

trak | com IP

Monitoring and communication systems for more safety, transparency and flexibility

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trak | monitor advanced - view details

trak | monitor advanced

Intelligent charging station management system

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trak | monitor premium - view details

trak | monitor premium

Comprehensive fleet, charging room and energy management system

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trak | power LiOn - view details

trak | power LiOn

Lithium-ion battery systems for traction applications

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trak | power multi charge - view details

trak | power multi charge

High-Frequency chargers for simultaneous charging of several batteries and industrial trucks

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trak | power premium charge - view details

trak | power premium charge

Innovative charging technology ”Made in Germany”

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trak | systemizer - view details

trak | systemizer

Individual planning, projecting, installation and commissioning of turnkey charging and changing stations

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trak | systemizer dynamics - view details

trak | systemizer dynamics

The coolest traction energy system for high-current applications

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trak | systemizer rapid - view details

trak | systemizer rapid

Fast charging system for productivity gains

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